Super powerful. Big hearts to you and Helena, however large or small or dimply they are...

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Jul 3, 2022Liked by Jessica Rios

That is so personal. You got to the core. I am an admirer of your work knowing of you from Olivia I work for.

My thought to share is we are so much more than we think. Sweets are the taste of that in all their presentations.



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Beautifully written, Jess. And just from another perspective, MY mom was the one who hated her body - my whole life that was all I ever saw. She would starve herself, always on a diet, never eat anything for pleasure. Sure enough, I hated my body even though I have never weighed more than 130 (without growing a baby, ha!) I could love and appreciate other woman's curvy bodies, but not my own (when I was young). Having 2 girls did push me to learn how to love my body and looking back it is appalling to me that I would ever have thought I was fat, but our minds do strange and cruel things to us, dont they? I am currently under 125 and have cellulite as well....I wouldnt say I love my thigh dimples, but I do not loathe them like I did when I was young. I have learned that my opinion of myself is all that matters so I may as well have an amazingly high opinion!! Thanks for sharing such raw emotions. I always love your writings.

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